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Updated: Apr 10

As the Founder of Women on the Grow, Inc. 501c3, author, conference speaker, emotional/mental wellness advocate, retreat host, life coach/counselor, and creator of my weekly Diamond INNERversity study group series. I have discovered the value of creating incubators for women to realize that finding your peace, purpose, and passion isn’t just about careers and money. It’s about walking the path of self-discovery to find your authentic self.... the one you’ve buried beneath other people’s needs, expectations, judgments, and fears. I was born to curate SAFE places for women to find relief, deepen their faith, breathe, exhale, and express their fears, questions, disappointments, hopes, desires, or stress about their relationships, purpose, health, faith, self-worth, past choices, and explore new ways to live their life more fully."

3:00 PM (Pacific) 6:00 PM (Eastern)

$20 per person click this link to register


ZELLE ( Our Zelle payment notifications do not arrive quickly. If you use Zelle to register,

remember to text 909.489.3733 that you have registered and the password and link will be sent to you.


once you register the zoom link and password will be sent to your email address.


"My self discovery from participating in the INNERversity has brought me to the point in my life where I am now able to say to myself Hello Me where have you been so long? Truly understanding yourself is the prerequisite to understanding others." - Diane Hale

"The Innerversity Classes on Sunday has been such a BLESSING for me... I have been using the tools that has been provided... In just 2 months I feel so much more empowered, uplifted, inspired & encouraged... Most importantly back on track staying in the light... Loving my new Sisterfriends for allowing me to feel safe!!! Thank You Dr. Jewel Diamond Taylor for sharing your GOD GIVEN WISDOM!!! MUCH LOVE. - Antoinette Douglas, Pittsburgh

"Jewel you are a change agent and I appreciate the awesome work you are doing with Women on the Grow. Love and blessings" - Pam Penn

"Jewel, you are gifted, you accepted your assignment, and you pour into all of us women. You often say you were made for "this" and you were. Like Mercedes said, you help in the mending, no matter how many broken pieces need to be mended. You have been a big blessing in my life. I treasure your teaching, the sisterhood you have created, the work you have helped me do, the light you always shine, and the LOVE you always show in the JDT experiences that you have to be there to understand. YOU ARE MY FRIEND.. May we continue to ChaCha my SISTERFRIEND. Love you Jewel" - Patsy Cobb

"Dr. Taylor, I just have to take a moment and thank you for your body of work, for always being you, for being a woman that God can minister through! You are consistent on purpose and mission while way too many women jump from the "next big thing or money maker." I just had to give you a bunch of roses today." - Margo Lovett

Dear Jewel,

Through your kind, gentle, encouraging and comforting ways, you have helped me in facing and overcoming some difficult truths, about myself and my situations. Because of your constant support, re-education, enlightenment and transparency you're always willing to use yourself as an example; I have learned trust and courage in working through my issues. It is also an added benefit that I have a friend in you, when I need one. Thank you for all that you’ve poured into me and prayed for me, you’ve given me a new way of thinking, speaking and being. I have a new perspective on life … which is priceless. I am empowered with knowledge, spiritual tools and self confidence to be more of my authentic self, to live a peace filled, productive and harmonious life while remembering “To stay in the light.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Jewel… you were made for this. God bless Queen Jewel.

Love always,

Mercedes Delzie, New York

If you have any questions email - or call 323.964.1736

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