Sunday Filling Station Invite

This Sunday's Filling Station at 3:00 PM (Pacific) and 6:00 PM (Eastern) continues with the topic of "How to be a good spiritual farmer" and reap a harvest of blessings, growth, success, peace, emotional healing, relationships, finances, self-care, prayer life, and restoration.

To request the link and password to watch today in my signature zoom room... send me your email address to

Remember you are NOT required to be on video if you choose. You can opt to just listen and mute your sound and video. Each Sunday promises to deliver.

Thank you to the dedicated participants in my Filling Station for the past year making consistent payments. You were faithful and understand the law of reaping and sowing.

As of now, there is no required fee to attend. Donations are appreciated. We welcome new faces to GROW with us.

"The dictionary is limited in words to describe the reJEWELvenation that takes place while words of inspiration, aspiration, motivation, and transformation are spoken during Ms. Jewels Sunday zoom Filling Station. She has been gifted by God to be transparent speaking a life changing message to those who follow her life examples of growth. As a woman on the grow we're spoiled. We are not only taught, but we get to receive a full arsenal of tools on a daily and weekly basis (via social media and newsletters) which help us navigate while on this journey called life. Thank you!!!!! Peace and blessings." - Stacey Bulluck


"For many, many years I have been re-JEWELvenated by Jewel’s newsletters and books. However, for the past 1 1/2 years during the pandemic, I have been tremendously re-JEWELvenated by the zoom Filling Station Sessions on Sundays. Her inspirational and spiritual messages have empowered me to grow in unimaginable ways. I have learned that “a little change in my life can make a big change in my life.” I am growing and evolving in mind, body, and spirit. Thank you Jewel Diamond Taylor for your very effective coaching. You are anointed with a spiritual gift. I am so blessed to have you in my life." - Diane Hale

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