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Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Confuse the enemy, haters, and detractors.

Tomorrow is not promised. Make each day count.

Be determined, grateful, optimistic, courageous, and unapologetic about living your best life.

You may be feeling some kinda way about moving away from family and friends, maybe wanting to give up, quit, cuss someone out, get revenge, back slide from your sobriety or diet or yield to temptation. Count the cost.

Maybe you are considering ending or beginning a relationship, having surgery, speaking up in a dysfunctional family or relationship, starting your business, or joining or leaving your job, church, marriage, etc. Count the cost!

Following your temptations, anger, or following your faith, dreams, material things, authentic self, lifestyle, career, ministry, hunger, cravings, loneliness, or flesh can cost you? Are you willing to pay the price?

Remember my poem, "When God made you, He was just showing off!"

Rise up, glow up, cheer up, think up, dress up, stand up, level up, speak up, and count up your blessings. Just don't give up.

Speak life over your health, finances, family, purpose, dreams, emotions, and breakthroughs. Stay in the light.

The Blend Talk Show is a transformational web-based television talk show focused on helping African American women identify and resolve their unspoken needs and real-life issues so that they can achieve holistic health, enrich their spirit, mind, and body, and ultimately live meaningfully.

This Thursday, June 10, will be a must-see episode, especially if you are in ministry. Our topic is "How the COVID 19 Pandemic Changed Worship Service." We will be LIVE.

Our guests will be Bishop Millicent Hunter, Rev. Najuma Smith Pollard, and Pastor Shante Edgehill.

EVERYONE, thank you for your amazing support by sharing, liking, subscribing, and offering your comments. Since we will be LIVE, we want to interact with you and respond to your questions.

The Blend Talk show is an inspirational web-based/television talk show changing the narrative and empowering women looking for actionable ways to transform their lives. We are a community of women empowering women and giving them the knowledge and resources they need to live impactfully.

The Blend Talk is the brainchild of producer Lavonda Rouse, who having survived her own health crisis, feels called by God to assist others in their quest to achieve spiritual, physical, and mental wholeness. As a community, we are here to help women journey through life with a renewed understanding of their strength, purpose, and identity.

We provide candid and practical advice on contemporary issues, such as faith, health, fitness, relationships, family, life-work balance, and other lifestyle topics to align your mind, body, and spirit.

Visit and view previous episodes.

To contact Jewel Diamond Taylor, call/text 310.526-2552

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